The RoJ LiGht   are a four piece ‘Retro Vintage Indie Rock’ band from Dublin, Ireland. THE BAND  RoJ : Lead singer, guitarist. Sorsha : Bass Sean : Lead Guitar Jake : Drums THE HISTORY  RoJ retired from international cricket with Ireland to  concentrate on writing and recording the bands debut  (‘Justice For Believers’ -2011 ) The RoJ LiGht have built a strong base following their first album and subsequent  E.P. (Beat Up Hearts & Ocean Parts -2014)  Their channel on youtube has garnered over 150’000 views and their  high production videos are now eagerly awaited by their fans. The band all met in the famous ‘Rock School’ in  Ballyfermot carrying on the tradition it has for producing  great artists. With new album plans and tours in the  pipeline its looking set for an exciting year for The RoJ  LiGht. THE NOW  The RoJ LiGht are currently playing regularly around  Dublin and periodically in the studio making new music  for the masses!
Justice for Believers € 8.99 Available now in iTunes
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Samsons Diner Review of Justice for Believers  August 18 2011 Justice for Believers is the first proper album by The  Roj Light, a Dublin band fronted by Roger Whelan. It’s  not just me that thinks they are a promising band,  there have already been some good reviews and talk  about the band, indeed Roger himself retired from a  career in international cricket to pursue his musical  vision, and I’m pretty sure he’ll get there. This album is a good start. Right from the off it grabs  you with opening up-temp number Laura. This song  was also on a single and you can see why. Very catchy,  and it shows off the Roj Light’s sound at its best, ie a  bright indie-rock sound, reminiscent of Oasis or the  Smiths but with a more interesting twist (I like Oasis  but they could be a bit leaden at times), in that there  is a touch of Stone Roses in there too – a band with  more diverse influences than Oasis. It’s interesting to  see influences pass down the decades like this,  whereby we can see the Beatles being filtered through  Oasis to bands like the Roj Light via the more  psychedelic musings of the Stone Roses and other  1990s bands.  I even fancy I caught a strain of the  crisp guitar lines of early Cult albums, but I could be  wrong.. Anyway, enough of influences – there’s nothing wrong  with being influenced, but the Roj Light are original  enough to stand out. Lyrically the songs are quite  diverse, and are not afraid to tackle the major  malaises facing Ireland today, taking stances many of  us might agree with now where we wouldn’t have in  the past. The main example of this is a song called  ‘The 2016 Rising’, which has a very innovative video on  the band’s website Other songs I liked were a solid ballad called ‘The  Scars Upon Our Heart’ with some nice dreamy guitar  work noodling away behind the vocals, followed up on  the album by a strong rocker ‘Death To All Cynics’.  Musically, this song is typical of the band, with really  good rhythm guitar played over some fine drum/bass  interplay, with ‘ragged but right’ guitar solos which  don’t overstay their welcome. But I won’t focus too much on individual songs - this is  an album to let wash over you, and indeed there are  several promising new songs from the band on their  website now, suggesting album no 2 is in the pipeline.  So, go check them out! Highly recommended!
ThE RoJ LiGht
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